where it began


Family History

Since Generations, the Schwarz family breeds, trains and sells horses. The farm origins back to the 1700.

Back in the early 1920's, Grandfather Fritz "Daddl" Schuler started to take his farm horses after they harvested on the fields all week, on Sundays to local Jumper and Driving Competitions or on a Fox Hunt with the Baron


Schwarz Family Tree- An Equestrian Heritage

Great Grandfather: Master Blacksmith and Ferrier

Grandfather: Farmer, Breeder and Rider


Horst Schwarz 

Agricultural Masters Degree with Major in Breeding Horses, Breeding Judge, Licensed Equestrian Trainer

Martha Schwarz

Hosptality Masters Degree, Breeder and Rider


Stephan Schwarz 

Equestrian Masters Degree, Grand Prix Show Jumper, Competition Judge, SJ Course Designer

Jörg Schwarz

Chef de Cuisine Masters Degree, Trail Rider and Fox Hunter

Benjamin Schwarz

Blacksmith and Ferrier Masters Degree, Breeder, Breeding Judge


Mentors and Trainers


Dr. Dieter Schüle (FEI Olympic and World  Cup  Judge)


Siegfried Hemptken to Krax (winner of over 100 Grand Prix)


Rudolf Ernst (National Driving Champion)